Aerial Bundled Cable Installation for Mobitel (Pvt) Ltd. – Passara

We have carried out a project of supply and installation of secondary overhead power lines to distribute and transmit electrical energy to telecommunication towers of Mobitel, Passara. These towers have been previously powered using generators for over 6 years which now they had the requirement of switching to transmit electric current using primary overhead power lines.


We have used 70mm x 4CORE Aerial Bundle Conductors with messenger neutral cores to ensure the electricity is being properly transmitted over a distance of 600m from the primary overhead line to the telecommunication tower. These conductors consist of fully insulated conductors suspended above ground which provide a greater capacity of reliability and safety. Moreover, these aerial cables are supported with 36nos. of 4’ GI Conduit Pipes and Suspension Large Angles to run cables steadily throughout the area with MIRO® High Rupturing Capacity (HRC) Fuse Links to avoid situations such as extreme current overloads.


Furthermore, this implementation reduces the cost for fuel (previously used to power-up generators) and provides significantly improved safety concerns.