Lightning Protection System for Mihindusenpura Housing Scheme – Dematagoda

We are pleased to be a partner and sub-contractor for Design, Supply & Installation of Lightning Protection System to an ongoing housing project – “Mihindusenpura Housing Scheme” at Dematagoda. This project is mainly undertaken and conducted by the Urban Development Authority of Sri Lanka, which contains 400+ houses divided into 3 blocks. Out of 3 blocks, two of them have been completed and handed over to the public and the 3rd  block is still under construction and nearing completion by end September, 2018.


As the main Electrical Engineers for the Lightning Protection System of this Project, we have used 12mm thickness of Mild Steel Rods as Down Conductors which connects the air terminal and over-head ground wire to the earth electrode sub system. We have used this network of down conductors along with Aluminum Franklin Rods and Bi-Metallic Connectors to share and dissipate the lightning current. Moreover, 16x3000mm thickness of Copper Bonded Grounding Rods have been used due to high level of corrosion factors and to ensure the system’s long-life and safety factors.


We have successfully completed and handed over the Lightning Protection System for two blocks (Block A & B) and hoping to complete the C block with the completion of its civil construction. The designed lightning system for this 15-story housing scheme will intercept, conduct and disperse a lightning strike safely to ground, without causing damage to the building structure, electronic systems and most importantly to its residents.